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After spending eleven months (Oct. '06 - Aug. '07) restoring a 1983 380SL whereby I was the "grunt", that cured me trying another project. It was a fascinating experience and I stayed with the project until the bitter end. The mechanic, body man & the upholsterer made a bet I wouldn't last but I surprised them. They said owners either ran out of patience, money or both! I then purchased a 2008 C300 Sport which I really liked but at age 72 I realised I preferred more of a "tank with all the toys". So after selling the 380 and the C300, both of which I lost considerable money ,I found a 2006 E350 4matic which I truly enjoy driving with enough options on it that will keep me busy learning for the foreseeable future.

I promised my understanding wife that this will be my last vehicle...thats an absolutely, definitel maybe!
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Welcome to Benzworld!!
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