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Hi to all I'm a new member from Australia and own a UNIMOG U1300L expedition vehicle ex New Zealand Military which I imported to Aus in 2008 & have since constructed the back for my wife & I to enjoy our outback travels in more comfort than has previously been the case. Previously we have used one of our five early Willys Jeeps and WW2 Jeep trailer which I modified to a camper with long range capabilities of up to 2800kl between fuel stops.
The Mog doesnt have the range with only around 1500kl but its hugely more comfortable with two single beds,toilet,shower,200litre fridge/freezer,stove,sink,hot water,range hood,fan,sat TV,radio, bbq etc. Excepting for the stove & hot water which are gas, I opted for a solar system which has 2x 215 watt panels wired in series producing around 90volts on a good day & regulated to 27.8 volts via a Outback MPPT reg. I have run the system including the fridge continuously for five weeks with this system in good conditions and it is ok without backup for around 4days with the panels covered.All lighting is LED and the batteries are 2x210amp AGM.The body is made from end grain balsa wood fibreglass clad composite panels in monocoque construction which is unbelievably strong and light weighing in at just under 1000kg with empty water tanks and no solar batteries.
I am currently helping a mate build another unit on a UNIMOG U1000 which should be complete by late this year.
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Welcome to Benzworld!
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