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Hi there,

New to the benzworld. I am driving a beautiful powder blue 1985 SEL with 55k miles on it. It was my grandfather's car and I am driving it temporarily until I am able to purchase a more fuel efficient vehicle. I live in Los Angeles.

However, I must say as this is my first Mercedes (not mine actually) I am quite taken with the driving experience on account of excellent engineering. I love the massive turboless torque from a beast of an engine. I like that my passengers feel like heads of state in the back seat. The doors shut with a wonderful solidity and the driver's side mirror is, as it should be, manual. And despite the road eating gallop on the highway, it remains nicely quiet inside.

The fuel efficiency is the only drawback.



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Welcome to the 126 community and family. Fill out your profile so that people know where you are and can help you. I live in the LA area also and am "Local" to you.

As for trading it in, you will find that ANY 126 has many advantages to driving it than any fuel economy that you may gain. Maybe back at $5.00 a gallon. But nowadays, it's not too bad. Remember that Benz's are built for SAFETY! There are many people that are still members here now, that had they had had a more "Fuel Efficient" car, they would not be alive today. Do not take my word for it. Put up a post and see the comments.

Something to think about.

If you need help, PM or post me and I will try to help. I have stripped my C126 down to the bare chassis and built it back up to near showroom condition and now I have made it an AMG as well, so there is not too much I have not encountered. The Engine stuff I am not as up on as other members here, but some will pitch in with that if you need it.

Congrats and have fun!
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