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Hi guys i am in the market looking for a used MB C300s or C300 4matic or C350s. I been searching the forum and looking for awhile.

Let me tell you guys a little more of my background. I am a college student that trying to spend 25k and with 500ish a month. I have a IS350 right now that i love to death! But my mother want to trade me cars. She want to trade my IS350 for her Sequoia and use hers to trade it in. I am young so i am into modding my car. Huge in the Hellaflush scene and i dont want to miss the power of the is350. I know you guys will judge and call me a kid and stupid for making my car look like that but thats what i like and who i am.

Here's my car.

My question is what do you guys believe would suit best for my taste or comparison to my is350?
I like the power on the c350 but i know its slower than the is350, BUT are the c350 or c300 easier to mod and gain hp? Also the c300 4matic can it have stagger wheels and still function as well? (not to mention it wont as well already anyways with the hellaflush setup.)

Thanks head for all the feedback. :thumbsup:
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