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New Member Ipod questions

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Hey guys,

I just joined the benz family with a 2007 C280 4Matic. I love the car but the electronics seem unnecessarily complicated. I tried searching the forums for answers but cant get what I need.

I want an Ipod connection but I do not have the navigation package. I do get an AUX screen when I hold the cd changer button. I noticed integration kits are either under $100 or over $300.

1. If I just want to connect my ipod and have it sound good, is the $100 kit ok? I don't need to see the songs on the screen (but it would be nice). I'm looking at the Grom adaptor.
2. I have the cd changer but I'll never use it, can I somehow disconnect that and sub in an Ipod connection?
3. Can I get the install done at Best Buy or does MB need to do it because of coding? If it has to be MB, anyone know a place in New Jersey?
4. Does anyone suggest a certain brand of adaptor?
5. I got my car CPO, are there any warranty issues by doing this through someone besides MB?

Thanks guys, I also have questions about bluetooth and changing my rims but I'll hold off on those for now. I'm gonna do some work to the car and then put up some pics.
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Go search on the W203 forums about adding "Aux IN" - you should be able to do it yourself for less than $30usd.

Changer is connected via MOST fiber, so it's not like you can easily plug your iPod in it's place, but there are a number of companies that make kits to do this - search for Dension GW500 if you want to go that route.

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For my 2006 ML, to get the MB ipod kit to display on the instrument panel, and the steering wheel buttons to control it, you need to have the telephone menus activated by the dealer.

I had a phone with the menus already working, so I just plugged an MB ipod kit I got off ebay ($170) and it worked perfectly.

If you don't need control, then just the aux in wire will do.

If you want to be able to see all the tracks and menus on the comand system, then you need to get a non MB ipod kit.

It really depends on what your needs are, and how much you want to spend.
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