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1996 E320
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Hi and thank you for making this resource available. I am the (3rd?) proud owner of a very classy 1996 E320. It's been a fun two weeks.

My impressions thus far are that the extra dollars and few extra pounds went to the right areas. This being a (14) year old vehicle with "advancing" miles, it still drives incredibly well and holds it's own. I like the look, the lines, fit and finish.

I know my way around a shop and have wiggled off of many a hook. I enjoy noodling with this car though the lack of off the shelf reference data troubles me. I have purchased access to ALLData in the interim to bone up and have read through this forum on a few evenings. I will post an appropriate photo when I find the time.

The car is strong, fully functional and complete. Here's to a long, rewarding relationship.

Brian C
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