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Hello everyone!
last year we imported a 1993 Puch 230 GE with a high roof hardtop from the Swiss Army via Germany. Over the summer we converted the Puch to an Overlander/Camper.

An inaugural trip to Michigan and southern Ontario (with our cat) was a success.

You can see our progress and adventures on our YouTube channel (still practicing...): NOFOMO
Recently changed the G's color from the military olive to Agathe Grey.

I also own a Unimog 1350L that is undergoing conversion to an expedition truck back in Germany. I have posted an intro in the Unimog Community for those interested.
Looking forward to the interaction in the Community.

See you out there!

The Roomtour of our build can be found here:

A couple of pics of our G and the interior we build and of the color change:
2020-01-31 08_14_02-Winter 2019_20 Part 2 - Dirk & Sybille.png i-zkvFB2q-X3.jpg IMG_3220-XL.jpg IMG_3213-XL.jpg IMG_3210-XL.jpg
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