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1963 Mercedes Benz 180C - recent gift from family member
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Recently my father-in-law presented me with a gift of a 1963 Mercedes Benz 180C - 4 door saloon model in gray. Due his advancing age, he found it difficult to drive. Several people made offers to purchase this collector; however, he preferred to keep it in the family. Based on my interest in autos and reputation as a fan of Formula 1 racing, he chose to pass the vehicle on to me.
It appears to be quite original with 30250 miles on the speedometer. The gas engine runs well and drives smoothly although it tends to be slow to get rolling from a standstill. The electrical system is intact and all lights operate - the electric clock is non-operational.
The steering wheel center assembly is separating and will require repairing or replacing. Both front amber signal lens need replacing. Overall the vehicle appears to be in relatively solid condition.
The drivers seat has limited travel to be positioned for comfortable driving.
With Collector Vehicle license plates the 180 will be driven occasionally for special events.
As time permits, there are several items that will be improved to ensure safe operation and smooth operation.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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