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New member from Norway

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I am a 38 year old 124 owner.
My lovely car is a 1991 230TE, 257 000km, that I have been resoring over the last year.

I am the 4 owner, and the car was imported from Germany in 2001. Silver metallic, and black Karo/Zebrano interior. The car was a good start for a resoration. Not too much rust and the car is pretty well taken care of.

The colour, interior and pre-facelift-post Sacco is my favorite S124.

It do'nt have too much equipment, but I will install several things for the feature. The M102 engine is not wery exiting, but It works ok for now. In a longer time horizont, a 2.8L M104 will replace the M102.

Originally the car only came with sun roof, ASD and removable ORIS.

I have already bought parts for Tempomat, seat heating, SRS and some parts for electric windows.

My plan is to keep up the work, to make the car as good as possibe. I will keep the lovely car for the rest of my life, so I am not in a hurry. Car restore takes time and cost allot of money, but I'ts defenately worth it.

For now, all suspension and brake components have been repaced, and a LOT of small details. I am buying as many new genuie parts as possible, to get the fresh looks and long lasting performance.

Rear sub frame is removed, sand blasted and painted.
There is allways some dents, rust spots etc, so the whole car is painted, and front fenders is repleced.

Front, rear and rear side windows and and rubber trims is also replaced,

I love for the original look, so 15" wheels. I have a set of 8 hole ET41 for the winter wheels, and a set of brand new (!) 15 hole ET41 for the summer.

Pictures soon.

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Welcome to Benzworld!!
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