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New Member, 2000 E320 - P0300 +++ Codes

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Hi, and thanks for any advise you can provide...

I do most mechanical work myself on my "german" cars, and have owned my 2000 E320 for 2 years now. I've changed the Crank Position Sensor, front springs, one HID bulb and ignition switch (dealer did that).

This is a "Michigan Car" with lots of rust on it, and I'm getting ready to do some body work.

I bought the car with 130k miles on it, and now have 153k miles on it.

I've seen a lot of treads with postings of errors, as I was driving my car last weekend, all was well, and all of a sudden after giving it a bit more gas to accelerate, the CEL came on and I lost 80% of my power. Limpped home, plugged in my OBDII and got a ton if misfire errors P0301, p0303, p0302, p0300Pd, etc. Tested the MAF, and since I saw a lot of high failures of this item on the thread, changed it with no luck.

Any suggestions are welcome... thanks for your help!:confused: