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New MB universal phone interface

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Motorola, Mercedes-Benz interface on phones
By: Jørgen Sundgot, Monday 17th March 2003, 10:42 GMT

With the introduction of a new product that will be available in Mercedes-Benz vehicles in the CLK, SL, C and M series from June 2003, Motorola will provide a universal interface for mobile phone use in cars. For the first time, Mercedes will be providing a Universal Handy Interface (UHI) developed by Motorola, aiming to make it possible to use mobile telephones from various leading manufacturers in one vehicle.

To use the system, a mobile phone is placed in a special cradle which is connected with the telephone control unit. The mobile phone is then linked with the on-board network and can be operated using the multi-functional steering wheel, hands-free system and a proprietary operating system developed by Motorola called COMAND. An additional display system (combi-display) will be placed on the dashboard of the vehicle, and allows for reading and editing of SMS messages through COMAND.

Additionally, a hands-free system will operate using the vehicle's on-board audio system which the two companies say will provide improved speech quality courtesy of an integrated microphone underneath the interior roof light. Upon replacing their mobile phone, customers will be able to obtain the appropriate cradle from Mercedes-Benz Accessories and exchange it themselves. Installation of the Universal Handy Interface into other Mercedes-Benz automobile series is planned for 2004.

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And this a mere 15 years after the first cellulars came on the market ...

So ...


And this a mere 15 years after the first cellulars came on the market ...

So maybe humanity is making progress after all.

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