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Well first of all great forums, glad I ran across them.

Anyhow I bought a used MB today that I ran across on the internet. It is a 1984 280 SE here in the US. Original motor and trans. 186K+ miles Odometer not working. Engine and trans runs great, however it has a few issues. Only paid $580.00 USD. I am not even sure where to look since as I understand it, this car was never sold in the US, and has the original bumpers on it. Any help where to point me would be great.

The body is in fair shape but needs some TLC to restore, as does the interior.

My big concern right now, is I am not sure what type of fuel system this car has but I have a problem with it. It runs great but is spewing gas though the breather manifold. I drove it from about 120 miles to my home, with no real major issue with this other then anytime I stopped at a light or whatnot the engine would go dead as if I had flooded it.

Any suggestions?

Also not sure what forums to be looking in as this model is not listed in them.


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Might want to try the w126 forum.

This should be the same engine
as in the 280CE w123 chassis.
But this I'm not sure of.

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