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New MB owner in Washington

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Hi all, I just purchased my first Benz last night for $2700. It's a 1990 300e with 36k miles. I wasn't even looking at Mercedes as I never thought I could afford one at my age (23) but this one popped up in my price range. The car needs a lot of work but it runs and drives. So far I like it, it is very comfortable but I need to start sorting out the electrical nightmare :rolleyes:

Here's a list of problems I know of so far:
-Doesn't start immediately when cold, but it does after a minute or so.
-Shifting is a little rough, not terrible but I have felt smoother
-Dash lights don't work
-Tach doesn't work
-Cruise control doesn't work
-Sunroof stopped working an hour after I bought it lol
-Driver side pass. window doesn't roll down.
-Missing the door lock "pole" that comes out of the door to push down or pull up (Driver door)
-Key fobs don't work
-Has a couple of dash lights on (ABS, a lightbulb looking one, and one I can't remember at the moment).
-Head unit doesn't work, but it is some walmart-ish deal so it could be the unit itself.

It's pretty rough, but when it is up and running it feels solid and rides nice. I am hoping that at least some of those issues are a simple fuse or battery away from working, but I doubt that haha. Other cars in my price range were up around the 200k mark for the most part. I figure for the mileage it is worth driving it even if I don't fix a thing. I'll get pics up as soon as I have a chance to get some daylight pictures!

This looks like an active forum, I'm excited to read more on here.
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It would probably be rather presumptuous of me to extend the traditional "welcome" as I am a newbie here myself, having joined only last month. Having siad that, although I'm not mechanically gifted myself, I have found in my brief time here that there are a lot of folks here who are, and I'm sure they'll be quite willing to lend a hand with the issues you have with your new ride.
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