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New MAF fixes ALL!!!

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Having shifting problems? Feeling sluggish? Misfires?
Replace the friggin MAF!

I was having a bouncy engage and misfiring if I push the accelerator more than 50%...I could only go above 80 if I did it gradually.

and now, SNAP.. there is the SLK I fell in love with. Its like having a significant other drop 25 pounds, get abs and understand what you really want. all overnight.

heed my advice, all ye 230 owners of old...
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RE: What i don't understand is why......

Well, to be honest, I think that MB has designed in a lot of reliance on that particular sensor. So when it fouls, a lot of systems that rely on it, and all goto hell at the same time. I dont think other cars rely on it as much...
about 121,000 miles on when it SHOULD have been changed

and 123,000 on it when it actually was changed...

Does anyone have an electrical schematic of the MAF?

Usually it was the P170 I think ( the long-term fuel trim malfunction). But since the transmission uses the MAF as an engine load sensor, It would shift funny and bog down the engine and I would get cylinder misfire codes as well...

But there wasnt anything that would directly point out the MAF.
Oh, and I firmly believe that the Air Bypass valve the Lello was talking about is 90% responsible for my troubles.
MAF = Mass Air Flow sensor. It tells your engine computer how much air it is sucking into the engine. Its one of the sensors used when the computer calculates how much fuel to squirt into the cylinder.
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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