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Vito 112CDI
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Hi Guys! Chanced upon your V-Class Forum whilst surfing. So here I am now.

I drive a 2001 Vito 112CDI Auto imported from UK Traveliner 8-seater (2front + 6rear) model complete with 2 sunroofs and alloy rims fitted with 215/65 x 15 Firestone Firehawk680 tyres. very noisy tyres and just changed to Yokohama A300 ASPEC tyres purring like a kitten and less road noise transmission.
When new vehicle feels very light and picks up at the slightest touch on the accelerator. Now after 74000 kilometers and 18months later feels a little sluggish with Black smoke emmitting if too heavy footed but alright when accelerate progressively.
So far not much of a problem except some leakages from sunroof though not serious and can be fixed by adjusting the roof contours to form water tight seal between gasket and glass. I have to say the roof is very soft and the slightest pressure pushes the roof out of contours. Would like to exchange interesting articles and faults experienced with this model.
Thanks and Cheers.


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