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Hello guys!

I finally got my new spare key for my 06 SL55. Paid just over $420 at the stealer. This will be my 3rd key. One of the original keys only worked to start the car with key in the ignition. No remote or Keyless go functions anymore. I was told by the person ordering it I may need to pay another $160 to get the key programmed for Keyless go feature to work. (BTW, I just read every thread concerning Keyless Go in the forum and didn't quite find an answer to my question.)

Today she was kind enough to have a tech come out to my car and try a few "secret handshake" methods to program key without charging me! He did a few things I already knew about from reading some threads a while back. Nothing worked. He told me to try one more thing at home.

Stick key in ignition and turn to first position and leave that way for 2 hours or more. He said to hook the battery to my tender so it doesn't discharge. He said this should work and save me time/$160! Does anyone know about this method? Otherwise, I have to come back for an hour so they can hook it up to Star and take more money. Thanks:)
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