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Hi there community - Last July my 1991 560 SEC wouldn't start. The shop I take it to regularly (probably one of the best specialty shops for MB in Dubai) diagnosed a failed ignition control unit. We couldn't find any good 2nd hand control units locally, and anyway the shop didn't recommend going that route, so we ordered a new unit from MB Germany which came with a new key barrel and set of keys (total appx US$ 2,800). Now I have one set of keys to lock and unlock the car, and another to start the car. It's driving me crazy. The shop is proposing to change all the locks again in hopes that fixes it. They found a new set of OEM lock barrels and keys nearby (for doors, trunk, glove box, ignition 1,200 US$). But they are not 100% sure this will be aligned with the new ignition control unit. So... I'm at a loss. It seems silly, but I'm not much of a technical guys... what am I missing here?
WEIRD!! Never saw a tumbler coded to an ECU on a W126 like on my W140? Perhaps a model change over fluke? Can you send us a picture of the ingnition tumbler that is on the car so we can see if this is a standard W126 tumbler or the newer ignition lock with the RFI ring?
1 - 1 of 10 Posts