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We have a 2003 E500 with 18" E55 type wheels in the staggered setup. We are looking to buy a new 2005/2006 CLK500 cab, but want to know if our E500 wheels/tires will fit on the CLK. Same bolt pattern and offset?

Also, I know you guys have already discussed this, but when will the 2006 CLK500 cabs arrive? Right now, we can get a great deal on a 2005, but will it be worth it to wait for the 2006 "updated" car? From photos, it looks like a very minor face-lift.

Looks like the 2006 CLK350 and 500s are already for sale in Germany (?)...

Lastly, will the 2006 sell for closer to MSRP b/c it is considered the "new" model? Thanks in advance.
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