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Hey everyone, I am new to this forum but have been on the Crossfire forum for awhile now as I own an SRT6 Crossfire. I have up for sale a brand new in the box 178mm crank pulley that will fit the C32 and SLK32 amg. I have it listed on ebay and you can find it under SRT6 pulley. I also have a 65mm SC pulley for sale as well. That pulley is not on ebay but is for sale for $500.00 it is new as well. Both pulleys have never been installed as I went with the new 62mm pulley that just recently came out. Check out Ebay or call me at 937-789-0601.

almost forgot. I have a set of street slicks that are mounted on Viox rims with MT tires. This will fit the C32 and I am sure some other models as well

Thanks a bunch

Gary Kozee
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