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New guy here.

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Just checking in to introduce myself. This is my second MB and I have been lurking the forums long enough.
Thanks to you guys for the sticky section and great archive of info. It saved me a ton of money so far.

I am normally a Ford/Lincoln guy (been a tech for them for years) but always had a soft spot for MB.

If I can help any of you out with my area of expertise don't hesitate to ask.

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WELCOME!!!!! :thumbsup: One of these days, when I loose my head, I will buy an American car, then I'll be bothering the hell out of you!:D

Actually I like the 1969 Mustang's and the 1981 Corvettes. IMO, pretty much everything these days the BIG 3 are putting out is bland and unexciting to me and there is always a better Japanese option.
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