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Just closed a deal on an 08 C300 today for my wife...been looking for a used (oops "PreOwned") model since october..

I fell in love with a C350..but this C300 came set up with the AMG wheels and tail..and it fit the budget for us..

Just found this amazing site, and i'm going to start poking around to learn about the new car..

I have a few questions maybe you can help answer:


I'm looking to purchase a wood dash kit (that matches the "Luxury" versions of these cars...can anyone suggest company to use? and

can anyone suggest the right color wood? From the few sites I visited tonight, it looks like there's a multitude of colors to choose from. I'm looking for the "Cherry" color that comes in the stock luxury edition, not the black marble color...

Where can I find a reputable company to buy the chrome hand exterior handles?

Where can I find a reputable company to buy the chrome "AMG" exterior badges?

Thanks for reading...I look forward to participating here...

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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