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new greek member in the team

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i'am interesting in buying a new slk 200k or 350 in GREECE or broughted from germany so i'am intresting about the automatic gear box for 200k, is it good in performance? and if you need extra power is the buttons on the wheel good enought and fast for transmition. the question is the same for 200k and 350(v6) too, your experience my friends will be very helpfull for me thanx!
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blackarow, please add your location to your profile. Where you are located will have a lot to do with responses that you get in the future. I know you say you are in Greece, but that information willl not be available on all of your future postings. Thanks.
OK. Sorry I'm the one to be bugging folks but it's hard to respond intelligently to their inquiries without knowing what kind of roads they drive on. When people ask about availability of options, it does depend on what country they live in. I could be like some of my fellow BenzWorld participants and simply not respond to any inquiry without an address.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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