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In response to request more pics on this site. Here's mine - took delivery in February as soon as available. Graphite grey metallic. Interior AMG black/space grey leather. Natural grain Anthracite Linden wood..21" AMG multispoke wheels. NB. 10 degree rear axle steering is incredible for U-turns. Car performance is just simply incredible. QUIET, smooth, quick acceleration that you don't feel (no Tesla jet thrust). Live in Manhattan and the car gets constant stares and questions. After 2 Tesla MS' it feels great to be back to a true luxury car. I'll post some interior shots when I can, but I agree the interior and lighting is beautiful. One poster described the MS interior as "Ikea" and after I stopped laughing, could not agree more.

One feature I do miss though is the no-button start (MB has legacy ignition button) and the walk-away doors. I have a hard time remembering to push the fob button; hopefully that will self-correct but the APP always alerts me the doors are unlocked so I can remotely do so. Minor annoyance.

Charging: since I garage in Manhattan my home charger is a Tesla Destination charger accessed with a Lectron adapter. I pay a flat fee of $100/month for unlimited charging. I think $1200/year operating cost is pretty "reasonable". Haven't used the Electrify network yet, but have a trip coming up and will post my thoughts.

Final thought: Absolutely love this car. 4 months in and no trips to the dealer for anything. So far so good.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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