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Hello ladies and gentlemen. I am new to this forum and this is my second Mercedes purchase (had an ML320 a few years ago).

Im picking up a used 01 CLK55 tomorrow for my wife. I have been modifying all my vehicles for many years. I have some questions for any who have actual personal first hand knowledge of these parts:

Powerchip, works great on couple other vehicles I have, anyone have testimonial for the CLK55?

Eisenmann exhaust - anyone have sound clip? and/or personal opinion of this system?

Renntech - Chip and carbon airbox, anyone share opinions on this? Worth the bang for the bucks? Also any pics of the air box, I cannot find anything on their site?

If anyone knows any other N/A performance mods they would recommend I would like to know. Im not going to perform any forced induction at all.

Last, I have seen pics of a black out front grill without any benz emblem. I am needing to know where to get this. The previous owner has some chrome grill with a huge benz insignia which I am not feeling whatsoever.

Thanks for those who share their thoughts in advance.

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