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"New" CL600 coming home soon

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And now for my next CL venture, a 01CL600 with the catastrophic oil cooler leak on the M137 engine... The guy was going to part it out but we struck a deal on the whole car as it is way too nice to be dissected.

Car has about 74k miles, looks near brand new inside, body is very nice too. Car was slammed from sitting for awhile when I got there to look at it, started it up, hit the suspension switch and it popped right up. So it runs and everything works, but is blowing oil like the Exxon Valdez. It is throwing one code for a right camshaft hall sensor which I presume is something kinda simple, I'll check on that when I start tearing the engine apart to fix the oil cooler. And the instrument cluster is missing too, the guy sent it off to have the display repaired and the shop apparently lost it somehow somewhere. I'm not sure if a S-klasse IC will work or not, I was told by the PO that the CL unit is a bit "shorter" front to back although it appears there are some common part numbers for the IC between a S and CL. Staggered AMG wheels so that is nice, they look good on the silver car.

I'm picking it up in a coupla weeks, will be a "fun" (???) project. Looks like I will need the cam lock tools so if anyone has any they want to part with, let me know.

Feel free to let me know how stupid I am, but even with the work ahead I think it will be a great car once sorted. In the meantime I'll be driving my cheap 02CL500.

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Automotive tail & brake light Automotive parking light Vehicle Automotive lighting Hood
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The 02CL500 with a few warts, but I love this car. I'm guessing the 600 will be even more entertaining once sorted.

Wheel Tire Car Automotive side marker light Vehicle
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You are an absolute hero! The car seems to be in the perfect condition for an proper restauration project.

Really looking forward to more posts about this car :)
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Brought the 01CL600 home. Added 5qt of cheap oil to make sure there was some in the sump (I bought a dipstick that supposedly fits the engine, not exactly sure where the oil should be on it but there is a fair amount in the engine now), car started right up and runs well aside from being a bit rich which I think is that camshaft sensor,
I made the mistake to continue driving with a enriched fuel trim and one of my cats was destroyed.

Amazing to read from you again!

Two things;
  • Could you not forget to take a video of the oil cooler leaking when the engine is running?
    • That will be a nice reference video to have
  • Could you post a photo of the engine (or message me your VIN number)? Your car has the AMG body parts and I'm wondering if it is a real AMG.

I bought a 01CL600 parts car 2 weeks ago for pretty cheap. This thing was about as far back in the mountain woods dirt road as you can get in Georgia. Aside from no key no cats no tandem pump and no title it is actually in pretty good shape aside from whatever someone was trying to bodge with the front suspension valve block so that will be a good donor for this one if I need anything for it. I do need a cluster for the silver CL600 so will pull it from the black car. I put power to the car and the cluster lighted up so that was encouraging. The body is in mostly excellent condition except for that scratch on the lower driver door and black interior is very good aside from some damage to door cards from the windows being down for awhile, so parts off that are going on my CL500 to replace hail-damaged hood and cracked front fender. It has the multi-contour seats so I might swap those into the CL500 too. I washed it and hit the hood with a clay bar and a first compound polish and it looked really good. Almost makes me want to try to fix it up but not sure how to work the title and key issues though there might be a way...

View attachment 2797257 View attachment 2797257
Whenever you change the ICM, you'll need to reprogram the VIN into the cluster. There are plenty of tutorials out here that show you how you can do that
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The silver car has AMG kits but no AMG badging on the trunk
It is an option to remove it from the trunk. The lack of the AMG badge on the engine cover is a giveaway though.

So, WIS/EPC tell you it's the M137 E58 then, right?
I'd checkout this thread: W220 pre-facelift intrument cluster swap, mileage shows...

I think, based on the VIN of a real CL63 AMG I'd found online and according to that your motor should have the code 137980 if it where an E63 motor.
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I have been there before. You'll indeed need to lift the intake manifold to remove the sensors, you can do this without removing the bolts completely. However, as they are stretch bolts you'll need to replace them. I've replaced them with regular bolts as Mercedes didn't have them in stock anymore.

Please refer to EPC for the lengths of the bolts as they are not all the same!

Make sure to replace both CPS' and make sure to use the original ones.

I've tried 3 different aftermarket sensor brands and only the Mercedes-Benz OEM sensor worked well.

She is looking mighty fine 👌🏼
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I've tried the Febi one too, and they didn't work. I got very lucky with my CPS'. There is a company in the Netherlands who has a test M137 engine, which actually never ran. So I fetched the two CPS and the crankshaft position sensor from them for rather cheap

Does your dealer actually ship things to you?! I need to go to the dealer and collect it from them.

You'll recognize the short bolts when you take them out XD, just remember where they went. I used a piece or cardboard to push them through, so you'll have the layout of the bolts
I was thinking about your oil "leakage". Is it oil leakage or consumption? If consumption, could you check the inside of the PCV tubes? There is one running from the front left crankcase to below the throttle body.
The PCV tube is made of 4 segments connected together, I can't actually find these in the EPC but they have part numbers (called "coolant hoses") so could find them on dealer vendor sites
On each segment there is an label with an arrow to the number of the next segment, the arrows on both segments need to line up

You can only get these at the dealership
Here are the part numbers:
220/1: A1370180082
230/2: A1370180182
240/3: A1370180282
250/4: A1370180382
260/5: A1370180482
270/6: A1370180582
280/Joint: A1020940212
290/7: A1370180682
300/8: A1370180782
310/9: A1370181082
320: A1370180209
330: A1020940212
340: A1179901578
350: A0029901678

Font Parallel Slope Auto part Diagram

Please note; this picture lists the wrong installation order for hose 270 and 290. Follow the red lines I've marked in the picture for the correct installation instructions and make sure that the throttle body doesn't crush the hose (260 I think it was). Hose 260 needs to go between the 'leg' of the throttle body (which you can see on the picture near hose 300) and the throttle body's housing.

They appear to be shrink fit on the connectors too
Nope, you just need to pull them. I think that your hoses have started harden, which makes it look like they are welded together.

The gaskets were a bit fiddly as there is only one locating pin on one end, so I put a bit of adhesive on the other end (not on the part around the holes) to hold it in place but still had to get a little screwdriver to push it into place through the end bolt hole. It all worked OK. Plugged the injectors and other connectors back in.
If you look down from the top and on the non locating pin side, you can actually see if the gasket is in place or not

That is a website you'll need to remember!
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I've found it under Engine -> 14 INTAKE AND EXHAUST MANIFOLDS -> 030 INTAKE MANIFOLD
Amazing to read this man! I really hope she will thread you well!

The AMG body actually looks really good in combination with these wheels.
Keep it up!
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If you fire up starfinder WebETM you can get an overview of which wire goes where. You'll be able to trace down every single wire going to the ECU.

I've done this on mine and it's about half a day of work, but it will make sure that you are actually making a proper connection.

I wouldn't drive for too long without fixing the bank not firing issue, I've just come to the conclusion that my cats are ruined and that they need to be replaced (with air?)

These cars are very good in eating up catalytic converters

Could you create a video recording of the oil dripping onto the exhaust?
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It is dripping down behind the engine onto the exhaust header. I think it’s coming from the sorta inner back and might be from a valve cover leak rather than the cooler (that would be mixing with coolant?
Maybe there was some coolant left from previous leak? I'm not really sure if the coolant part of the cooler ever leaks.

I made a video but I don’t think I can post it.
You can sent it to me, I'll post it

But the car seems to be running well, the lambda and cam sensor faults went away so who knows what that was about.
You've replaced the camshaft position sensors, didn't you? A bad camshaft position sensor can cause a whole load of related an unrelated errors (including lambda sensor errors)
Here is a vid of the oil leak on the back of the right bank of the car. Oil is dripping down onto the exhaust downpipe/manifold and smoking a lot. I think it is coming from the back of the valve cover.
Thanks for the video 🙌
Have you replaced the valve cover gaskets already?

On another note, the rear windows stopped working, won't drop when the doors are opened and won't respond to switches. There does not appear to be a fuse for the rear windows, do these work through the rear SAM or some other connection?

Take a look at Rear seat control module, task
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