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New car??

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OK,I can have the SLK 55 in September,my choice of color,options,but do I REALLY WANT/NEED it??
What 's it worth to get the new model? List is $62,500 give or take ,plus 6% tax here in Florida.My SLK32 will be 2 years old,25,000 miles.Any guesses as to the difference?
Between $15,000 and $25,000 I'm guessing.
Shall I go for it?
Shig...please put in your .027 Euros worth of advice.
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RE: I think the difference will be more like $28K.

yes-when you add xenons,nav,decent sound system,you're prob correct.Just got off phone with my car nut son,he says to take the $$ and buy a Mini Cooper convertible.Nah,I said,I shall have my 73 Mustang convertible rotisseried to be a NEW 73 mustang....
I must be mad to even think of dropping 28 big ones so soon already on a new car---its only a car,folks.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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