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2003 C230 Coupe Kompressor
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hey guys

im new to this forum , my name is andrew , im 17 and i own a black 2003 c230 coupe kompressor . i already lowered the suspension , istalled a koni yellow racing suspension , tinted windows , and aftermarket stereo system.
i am looking to better my car for car shows around my area .

i have been looking all over for performance parts and esthetics however i am not finding much ..

these are the issues i would like to know more about..

- is there any way do get rid of the foggyness of the headlights and make em clear.

- is there anyway i can swap the motor for an AMG motor perhaps .. suggest wat you think is the best..

- Wide bodykits..

- Taillights.

- bigger supercharger

- pulley sets

- and also weather or not i should wire the car fos NOS (75 shot )

- what to do to the face plate of the motor to make is more custom and where to buy other faceplates if possible

- chrome headers

- Chrome air intake . \

anything will help im just rlly lost.. and price is not the issue .. i just need to know how much it will cost me and where i can find it

thanks guys!
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