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new C320 arrived

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picked up my new bril silver<br>
c320 last week from Calgary(thats in Alberta Canada for info of our US friends!) everything i expected, had 225/50 michelen<br>
pilots substituted , the flat hood emblem and grill with star fitted- looks really good,the bose stereo is superb (CD fitted) found the fit and finish to be excellent, much better than my E320, and above all its very very quiet, i am so impressed!
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Congrats !! Don't forget to show pics !!
Are you saying that you were able to order an in-dash CD player (as opposed to the CD changer)? If so, how much was the option?<br> <br> I don't think we have an option for this in the US.
Re: Re: new C320 arrived

sorry, i appeared to mislead<br> you, it is the cd changer that is installed in the glove<br> box up front, but still the <br> system sounds great, takes some getting used to though,<br> after you play around with it
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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