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New C300

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Good Morning everyone.

New to this forum, but not new to c class. Just picked up my new '09 C300 sport (Black, Black MB-Tex, P1, MM and ipod) last weekend and to say that I'm thrilled with it would be a gross understatement. Each time I take it out I love it more than the last. This was also the case with my '05 C230 Komp Sedan, which I bought new and traded for the 300. The new design, the improved ride, the toys make for a wonderful improvement on an already great model.

I have a few care questions if I may:

1. The dash being a flat "grainy" surface seems to collect dust a bit more than the previous model, other than a "California duster" does anybody recommend any cleaning wipes etc?

2. Brake pads are very dusty, which I'm sure will lessen as they break in, has anybody had any luck with a spray on cleaner, that actually removes brake dust, without a lot of elbow grease?

3. Has anybody added the 3 piece spoiler to the rear end? How about the roof spoiler?

Looking forward to being part of the c300 ownership group.


'09 MB C300 Sport
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I just got a 09 C350 that I too am in love with. If you are anal like me, the brake dust issue will drive you crazy. Sparkling clean one minute, go to the store and back and you can see new dust!!! I have not found any spay on that totally removes it. I have the 18" AMG wheels and finally bought a rectangle shaped soft cover brush that gets in the deep wells nicely for a few dollars. Mothers makes a drill attachment for both cleaning and polishing wheels for about 20.00.. I will more than likely get that this weekend to save on the elbow grease.
As far as the dash, I just use a dust-free cloth and dampen it a bit. Seems to do the trick.
Enjoy the 300!!!
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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