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2008 C300
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hey guys im new here, this is my first benz!
im 21 and just moved from South FL to beautiful southern california, great state to have a great car!
i bought it from MB of Anaheim and highly recommend them and their internet manager Chris

this is my transcript posted from a general automotive forum so sorry if most of this stuff is second nature to you!

glad to be a part of the fam

- chris

2008 Mercedes C300

LOADED!!! im paying a ****load of money for it!!

there it is in all its blurry nighttime beauty

i promise ill take more (and better) pics

heres some info with my comments if you're interested

Exterior : Steel Gray Metallic paint - i wouldnt want it any other way, beautiful color especially in the sun. theres chrome around the windows and a nice mix of chrome and gunmetal in the interior. a very sexy car - im not getting any tint, imo the car looks better w/o it

Interior : 2 tone black and gray "MB Tex" (fake leather?) with aluminum trim - feels great and looks great - everything (especially steering wheel) has a great grip and feel

the car has a wimpy 2,996-cc DOHC 24-valve V-6 netting 228 horses, but feels and sounds strong when punching it!

i had to have nav, i just moved from coast to coast to and i need it to find the fridge, so like anybody that shops for one thing i ended up with oh about 5k more in upgrades -_-

P1: Premium package:
Rain-sensing wipers - -havent had to use these yet, they apparently wipe faster as it rains harder
SIRIUS Satellite Radio- i wouldve discounted this car as a pos and looked away if it was god-awful XM, i love this feature - between sirius and CD's i havent and dont plan on using AM/FM
Auto-dimming mirrors - just the driver side and rear view, nice
Power-folding mirror - i lock the car the mirrors fold in, nice but my ford explorer's mirrors cost $600 each to replace, i think slicing one of these babies off would total the car
Heated front seats - havent had to use it, let me tell you something, the A/C / heat in this car is amazing, love it
Garage door opener - 3 buttons on the rear-view, need some ideas for my remaining one

Multimedia Package
COMAND system with hard-drive based navigation - hands down the best nav ive ever used, epicly great
6-disc CD/DVD Changer - i actually didn't know this - really nice seeing one cd slot and finding out its a 6 disc! i put in an mp3 cd with 150 songs and it showed all the artists/titles :cool:
harman/kardon® LOGIC7® discrete multichannel surround sound system - 12 speakers in the car! i can only see the 4 door speakers so i think its a total lie... anyways i listen to crappy music so this fancy system doesnt matter but when i put in the kardon demo music dvd with classical music... damn...
Voice Control- ridiculous, controls everything in the car, doesnt lag at all - i was firing off house numbers and it caught them all

iPod integration kit - i have a little shuffle so i havent had the chance to use this - im sure i wont need it, nice to have though
Panorama sunroof - a really great option, it turns your roof black (pic 1- the car on the left) and gives an awesome skyview (pic 2)
18" AMG 5-Twin-Spoke Wheels - look great but the day i inevitably curb them ill kill myself

now the downsides aka the numbers,
$39,910 ($7400 over MSRP)
put down $4750, thats including the prepaid $1700 of maintenance for $1000 "deal" i took
which makes it a 27 month lease w/ 15k miles a year for $580/month
+ insurance + premium gas only + 18-21 mpg and living in the middle of nowhere = thisll be a doozy

but worth every penny :D

id seriously look into one of these, i couldnt do without these options but they are running $399/mo bone stock deals, the car itself is great but spring another couple grand and its awesome... the only thing i wish it had was backup sensors and a rearview camera but all around, great great sedan

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Mine was around 39... it has no heated front seats though and I explicitly said I did not want rain-sensing wipers and I don't think I have it. I have the six-disc DVD changer, LOGIC7 sound system, COMAND, and voice control. It's very nice. I did not pay above MSRP. In fact, $400 below MSRP, thanks to my family's connections with the dealership. I know I have the Premium Package (garage door opener, dimming mirrors, folding mirrors)

But no chrome wheels, body kits, or anything of that short. I wouldn't sully my C300.

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"now the downsides aka the numbers,
$39,910 ($7400 over MSRP)"

I assume you mean the options added $7400 to the base MSRP of the car.

Congrats. Great car with good equipment.

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Mine was retailed for $39,400. I got it for $34,800 with Multimedia Package. Great car. I should've gotten SP2 package though - the one with HID Xenon. I am trying to figure out what's best aftermarket HID upgrade. There's so many to choose from.

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I'm glad to see I'm not the only one with that metal thingy on the radiator which is visible through the bottom grille.
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