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I have a new Benz C300 with the COMAND system. I love this car and it's my second Benz with the first being a 1986 420SEC.

When the car had 173 miles, I hit a baby deer and that required the replacement of: the hood, bumper, grille, radiator, A/C compressor, and a few others. None of the headlights were broken though and I don't think I hit the deer at more than 20 mph. The speed limit on the street was 65 mph (not on a highway).

After it was fixed, the A/C is very strange. It has a mind of its own. Sometimes shifting it to D2 gets the A/C to blow cold. It stops working when I'm driving for a few minutes, then goes back on. All that while the thermostat is at the lowest setting.

Very annoying if you ask me.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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