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Hello all! Great to be part of this forum. Excuse my post in the normal W211 spot. Here it is:

CLS55 124k miles. Got the ol red battery dash light, stopped and got towed home. Voltmetered at 11.6. Charged it and went up to 12.2, so got new battery same day. Installed new battery, car cranks over but no start. Voltmetered new battery 12.6. Went got new (not remanufactured) alternator, installed. Car now doesnt crank over but just clicks once and all kinds of random dash warnings. Trickle charged both batteries overnight. Old one 11.9 New one stayed at 12.6. CGW (or however the acronym) not fried, looks good. I do not know what fuses(if any) to test. What gives? Where is the next possible gremlin to chase. Im lucky Im jobless for the next 8 days
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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