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New battery and shifter stopped working!

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I changed the battery. I've tried every other suggested remedy to fix the abs esp/bas, no brake lights, and only when she decides gremlin tonight. After 2 brake lamp switches (OEM and Aftermarket), checking fuses, and even some of the witch doctor cures posted tho only out of anger I decided to have the battery load tested while picking up some oil. Ofcourse it said it needed to be changed. Once back in the drive and think my prayers have been answered, I change the battery and can't get the shifter to move! The dash also still lights up with the same alarms?:surrender: Is she worth it? Mint Condition w/ 70k yet still I ask the question. What next? What else could possibly be the problem. Did I break something else by load testing or just piss her off? Any ideas on where to start looking for problems are more than appreciated. As of now, I sit and stare dumbfounded.:confused:
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If the car was without power for a time, I think you need to re-sync everything. Instructions for those steps are somewhere in the stickys. Good Luck!

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I'm confused.

You had the key in your pocket when you disconnected the battery, right? Did you disconnect the negative cable first and reconnect the positive one first?

Done properly changing the battery has no effect on systems other than those that must be re-synched. The warnings on the dash go away after the resynching steps.

Are you able to start the car, it just won't move out of park thereafter? Have you checked for codes?

Read through that and post back so we can follow up.

Take care and enjoy the ride,

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Confused? I'm not alone? Took all the right steps in replacing the battery. Key in my pocket and not in ignition. Wires in sequence mentioned.
1st. Replaced brake lamp switch because of abs esp/bas alarms an no brake lights. (Aftermarket)
2nd. Still had problem. Switched out with oem. No luck.
3rd. Had battery load tested. Immediately after load test, I tried to drive and all the same
alarms came on but now I couldn't take out of park.
4th. Replaced battery. Due anyway and load test showed just under 12v just from the head lights being on.
5th. Still no luck. Checked oem switch and found the plunger fully depressed and I had to
pull it out with pliers and it no longer moved in or out smoothly.
6th. Replaced with aftermarket I had laying around and am now able 2 shift from park
but still have the warning lights and no brake lights sometimes.
7th. Did battery reset. Resynched everything. Entered radio code. Still have issue.

I had the codes read when this 1st happened but none were stored. That's when I started looking for help here. Since shifter problem is solved, should I continue with original problem in a new thread titled with abs esp/bas problem? Should I keep paying for a the star diagnostic until it reads something? Hope this clears up any confusing there may be about the problem.
Thx again
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