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1994 S420
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For those of us with older models of MB, I am looking for feedback on best way to add ipod/aux input to a 1994 S420.

I've seen the Becker DIY which shows how to hijack the tape player outputs with a soldered in AUX feed. Relatively cheap, limited features.

I've seen a link to for a unit which plugs in place of trunk CD changer and claims to offer radio control of ipod. Under $150 for PA11-MB. Regular AUX input also available with no radio control features.

PA11-MB - CB-PM4 USA Spec iPod Adapter Interface for Mercedes (1994-1998)

I've seen Newegg items - two different FM transmitters direct wired to back of head unit antenna connection. Claims to offer better than wireless transmitter by disconnecting regular antenna when unit is active..both under $50 - Alpine DPR-RDS1 Factory Radio Interface for iPod and iPhone - Isimple IS31 Universal Auxiliary Input for FM Radios

I've also heard Becker will overhaul an older head unit and add the AUX input for $100.

Anyone with experience on similar to above, your feedback would be appreciated.

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