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New AMG Double Spoke wheels are now available !!! <br>
We have recieved the new AMG Double spoke wheels that are the <br>
factory wheel for the C32. The only sizes available in this<br>
wheel are 17x7.5 for either all four corners or just the front <br>
and 17x8.5 for the rear. <br>
The cost of these wheels are <br>
17x7.5 ... $325.00 <br>
17x8.5 ... $349.00 <br>
The models they fit are: <br>
W208 <br>
W202 <br>
W203 <br>
W124 <br>
W210 <br>
W170 <br>
W201 <br>
Thanks, Luke <br>
877-522-8473 ext. 362
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