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New alloys and lowering help...

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hello there

I want to put a nice set of alloys on my 2005 vito 109 dualiner and lower it on -40mm springs. What size alloys do I need to get to keep things the same as the standard tyres? i dont want to lose speed.

was looking at:

Mercedes MB Vito Viano Van Alloy Wheels & Tyres at Vanstyle Palm Automotive

lowering springs:

Palm Automotive Lowering Springs

thanks in advance
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You can get whatever alloys you like. If you are loading up your van then you might want to get suitably rated ones. Mine are from an ML which has suffcicient capacity. Just choose the right tyres to suit. I have 16" alloys shod with 225/65/16R tyres. Obvoiusly 17inchers will be 225/55R or something.

Definitney lower the van. Full height vans with alloys on don't (IMHO) look good.
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