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New alloys and lowering help...

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hello there

I want to put a nice set of alloys on my 2005 vito 109 dualiner and lower it on -40mm springs. What size alloys do I need to get to keep things the same as the standard tyres? i dont want to lose speed.

was looking at:

Mercedes MB Vito Viano Van Alloy Wheels & Tyres at Vanstyle Palm Automotive

lowering springs:

Palm Automotive Lowering Springs

thanks in advance
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Hello mate. Ive got 20" on mine and i've lowerd it by 40mm on H&R springs. I have got a set of 20" lenzo s73's for sale if your still looking. They came of my 55 plate 109cdi.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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