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New A-Class or Audi A3?

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I am planning to buy a new car. We are small familiy, me my wife and a baby so we would like a reliable and secure car for the town as well for holidays. The budget is not very high. I am considering the new A-Class and the Audi A3. I have a friend who had the previous A-Class and had many problems with it and was not satisfied with it. He says he was going to MB Service 10 times/year. I like the new A-Class more than the Audi, but I am not very sure of the new one is really that better (in means of realibility and qualiuty) than the previoud model. What do you think?

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In my opinion, go for the new A-Class. There has been massive improvements since the previous model. But I would suggest the 200 CDI if you want some good power.
From looking at a demo of the new A Class I would say that the initial build quality looks a lot better than the old A Class.

I will say that my Mom is on her second "old" A class, and has not had a bit of trouble with either of them. Aside from scuffing the alloy's, and her annoyance with the service reminder (told her she had 20 days till service, she parked in town for 2 hours, and came back and it was telling her she had 10 days till service!!!![;)])

So she is very impressed with the relibility of the old one, and you've just got to hope that the same care has been taken with the new one.

The only thing to maybe keep in mind, is that it is a new version out so there could be some teething problems - but the Mobilo Rescue service that is provided is top notch, so someone is always at hand to come out if your have a major problem (not that that's going to happen!!!! [8D])
I drove both the old A Class and the new model, they are two worlds apart. The new model has a completely new cockpit with quality materials it looks great and the drive is better too. I think the New A Class is a good balance between a family car and Sporty Hatchback
As a ex-Audi owner, I like the A3 better personally. I don't see the look of the new A class has massive difference compare to the old model.
A-class Vs. A3

The new A-class is good v. good. But, so is the A3. Reliability isn't easy to judge for the new A-class as it not yet a year old, but the car and its platform is nearly win or brake for MB, so its important they got it right, this time! The launch of the new platform for A- and B-class was delayed for a year to sort out quality glitches. So, I belive it should be ok. (well, we bought a new one in march, and its still works! [;)] )

Personally I like how the A-class looks, but prefer the feel and the experienced interior quality in the A3. But the new A-class is not bad inside at all, and its miles a head of the poor interior quality of the previous model. Driving the to cars is different. I have tested the 1.6 A3 sportsback and currently drives a A-170(w169) and have to say, the A3 is more sporty and possible a bit more refined, but the A-class is more comfertable. The luggage compartment is bigger in the A-class and interior wise the A-class fells bigger and can carry more. You also sit quite higher in A-class, with excelent view out. And rear seats are set higher than the front wich is excelent for kids proned for travel sicknes and grannies with bad hips, but it a little bit more noisy in the A-class than the A3. Also, the suspention feels a bit harder than the A3, and on country roads you will feel the pot holes a bit!

The A3 scored four stars in the EuroNCAP, but the A-class still haven't been tested. MB is expecting five stars, but so did Audi before it was tested. But the A-class is full of drivers aids and safety devices. Wich should be reasuring for a young family. The ESP cant be switched off, making hard to going up hills in snowy conditions. The lights are spoot on, though!

In city the A-class is a better choice as its so easy to park, and a very light stering wheel (its gets harder when speeds increases)! Also for dayly use for a young family, I dont think you can go wrong with the A-class, but be aware, the extra optional equitmentlist is long, very long! And soon youre cheap little car, has turn into a expencive experience!!!

I would say go for the A-class if you value a more user friendly and kids friendly car, but if you like a more sporty car go for the A3. But make sure you opt. for automatic deactivation of pass. airbag and get a special MB child seat with transponder. Cause you cant turn the pass. airbag off, manually in the new A-class!

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Thanx for the tips! I opted for the A-Class :)
SirOracle - 5/9/2005 9:02 AM

Thanx for the tips! I opted for the A-Class :)
Good choice!!! The new A-class is the best premium small car out there. You wont be dissapointed [:D]
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