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New 2008 R320 CDI Owner

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Well folks, its done. We finally bought it on Saturday and pick it up tomorrow. So now the questions begin:

1. Can anyone tell me where I can get a shop manual for it (Book or DVD ROM)?
2. Pet / dog barrier - I need something, what are my options?
3. Heavy Duty floor mats - Benz or Husky Liners or ??
4. How good are these OEM rubber in the snow?

I can't wait to take it on the road trip we have planned in 2 weeks. 9 hour round trip, it should be fun.
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Thanks guys. The road trip is going through the mountains from Vancouver Island, over the ferry to the main land and then into the interior to a place called Kamloops. The total trip is about 1000 but the ferry trip is 2 hours and doesn't count. It's roughly 4 hours there and back plus a few days of driving around that city. I expect up and back on 1 tank but it is still winter in the mountains so it could be interesting.

That's another one, does anyone know if these units sold in Canada if they have a block heater installed?

Well, it gets cold enough to justify plugging in my truck in the winter and only a couple times have I had to do the TDI on the coast. I figure its at least 5 C colder here than Victoria and Vancouver because there is less ambient temps because of less people, cars, etc.

Anyway, that said, I'm not too worried.

On the subject of shop manual, I can't find one for the 2008. The dealer has them listed for 2007 and older only. Please confirm that they exist - thanks again guys.
I have the manual (DVD) on order and we have taken it for the first major spin. A couple things that concern me:

1. every now and again the check oil light at next fueling comes up - of course I did that and it is well inside the acceptable range but it keeps happening?

2. the fuel mileage from the computer is bunk. The range tells me I have to fill up soon with the picture of the car getting filled up but I only had 850 km on that tank. If I'm travelling at 9.1L/100km using cruise at 100 to 120km/h I should get much closer to 1000 km on a tank, shouldn't I? I filled it as I was nervous and it only took 75 L but the tank is 95 with the reserve. So aside from running it dry, which I don't want to do how can I get a longer range from the computer. Yes, I reset it and all that but it remains a concern.

The car handled beautifully in the rain, the snow and the open dry road. Very smooth, very comfortable and very sleek (even the rain and dirt follow the flow lines!).

I would highly recommend this car to anyone thinking about a 7 seat wagon, SUV or cross over.
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Ok, so there is likely a TSB on that. I'll make sure I ask them about that one. I figured either A, there was a problem, B, it was just the computer making you look or C, a sensor glitch.

It looks like it is a glitch.

Thanks again.
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