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Hi all, I just bought a 2000 C230 Kompressor last week. My first german car, been driving a honda all my this is definitely a change for me.

A couple issues I would like to have your input for:

1. When I turn the steering I can hear a hint of squealing noise, what does that mean? Is power steering failing? Is it a common problem? I don't think it's coming from the tires.

2. Hard shift from 2nd to 1st. Read about this on another thread, how difficult/expensive is it to fix this issue? It's not too bad currently, but would like to take care of it if it's easy and cheap.

3. Stereo volume not working properly. Sometimes, i need to turn a lot just to get a little more volume...and other times it actually decreases the volume. Never happen on a honda...

4. How difficult it is to take the driver side door interior panel off? There is a bad rattle and I'd like to fix it.

5. Dome lights come on intermittently. Maybe it's a setting that I am not aware of or the electric just went crazy. But did any of you have this issue before?

6. General maintenance question. Coming from a Honda history, how much should I expect to spend on maintenance and repair? I am sort of a DIY guy but I think this car will be harder to work with than my 1998 Honda Accord V6. I don't see much spacing in the engine bay...I may need to go to a shop to get most things done.

Thank you.

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