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2000 C230 komp.
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2000 c230 komp with about 86,000 miles .
weird issue has been happening with the headlight switch. a while back , for no reason at all, i would turn on switch but all the lights came on except either the headlights (sometimes) or the front parking lights (sometimes). neither one would do it at the same time and it only did it occasionally , not every time. sometimes they would all work fine , then the next day no headlights, then the next day no parking lights but headlights worked. too weird. so just as i was about to replace the switch assembly they started working properly for the next few months.
now all the sudden the problem is with the gauge cluster and dash lights. headlights work, parking lights work, but no interior lights at all. the switch still turns and feels the same but now its the interior lights not working. anybody have an idea ? or is it just gonna be "replace the switch" . dont mind replacing it but i really hate spending money on this car. i just dont like it much anymore, lol. it was pretty cool 5 years ago when i got it but now its like old and boring. in my opinion. anyway , thanks for the help.
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