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Nervous twitch with Bipes Vario Roof Control

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Really enjoying these sunny days in TX at the time [:D]. My question is this: Whenever I use my Bipes remote which I had installed earlier, my windows suffer from this nervous twitch when the roof is safe down in the trunk. After the process is completed the windows pop up a few mm on each side (Really not much, but still). Is this something everyone excperience or have I actually gotten some soft of "Virus [xx(]" on my bipes thing?
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No thats normal.
When you drop your roof with the switch and watch the light in the switch, you may notice that the light goes out to indicate that the roof operation is complete but if you continue to hold the switch, the windows roll up. The aftermarket remote roof module looks at the same signal that turns the light out when the roof is down but it doesn't stop fast enough so the windows pop up slightly.
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