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Negotiating a CPO'd W211

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In shopping for a W211 wagon, I'm finding the dealers' asking prices to be less than NADA, Kelly's Blue Book and Edmunds suggested retail. For those who have recently purchased used from a dealer, how much less should I offer? It's hard without some documentation suggesting the asking price is too high!

Also, I would like to add the +24 month CPO warranty. Is there wiggle room in the cost of that as well?

Thanks for any advice.
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Ok, here's the deal on CPO warranties. There is 10% margin in it. If you get a greater discount than that, the profit if coming from the sale of the car. This goes only for US Mercedes-Benz CPO. Aftermarket as huge profit.

As far as the price for the car, if the car has no excuses, e.g. clean, smells good, recent tires or brakes, then it is worth it to consider buying it. What price? Good question.

Call up an MB dealer and tell them you have the exact car you are looking to buy and see what they will give you an trade. Once you know what you think they paid for the car you want, go back there and see the VMI and figure out how much they put into reconditioning. Then at the $1500 they pay for the CPO that the car comes with, and give them a 10% profit above what you believe their true cost is. They should take the deal, and you should get a great price.

If they over paid, not your problem, ask them to loose money. They do it when necesary and write off the loss. If they bought it right and make a few more bucks than your estimate so be it, you still got a great deal. Best of luck.
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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