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Negotiating a CPO'd W211

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In shopping for a W211 wagon, I'm finding the dealers' asking prices to be less than NADA, Kelly's Blue Book and Edmunds suggested retail. For those who have recently purchased used from a dealer, how much less should I offer? It's hard without some documentation suggesting the asking price is too high!

Also, I would like to add the +24 month CPO warranty. Is there wiggle room in the cost of that as well?

Thanks for any advice.
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I was able to get the CPO +24 for about 25% discount. They probably still made a killing....

As for negotiation, you really don't need to document your offer. Just make them a fair offer and stand your ground. The best negotiating tactic is when you're still about $1000 apart, you politely say "I'll think about it and get back to you." Then start leaving.

The rule of car sales is to not let the customer leave the building without signing something. The more time you spend with the sales staff, the worse they'll want the deal, so make sure you spend some time: test driving, asking the service department for records, etc...

As a starting offer, go near wholesale. That's what they have (or probably less) in the car.

Good luck.
Germanick said:
Edmunds and Kelly's seem to way overvalue used cars. At least even dealers seem to put price tags with figures below the ones in the guides. Can anybody suggest why this seems to be the case?
Many dealers use these as justification to avoid negotiation. "See, we're really trying to make you, Mr. Customer, a great deal! We've even priced it under Edmunds. Now if we can just get your signature on this here line...."

Dealers are aware that most people at least check prices online before trying to purchase a car. Especially a used one...
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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