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1993 300E, 2003 996 Turbo X50
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So I have been diagnosing this misfire on my friends car recently. 1988 300E, 240k miles.

Changed out all the ignition components because they were clearly worn, corrosion on the cap, yada, yada, yada...

Long story short, I start hearing a really bad tapping coming from the top end, always been there, but now its much worse. Pull off the valve cover to find the rocker tower on cylinder number 2 has all 4 bolts backing out. I go to tighten them and sure enough, they are stipped. I take them out as well as the threads from the head. Rockers are all messed up from slamming around, cam is worn on that cylinder, not good. Don't really feel like messing around trying to reuse a suspect head.

So if anyone has a spare 103 head laying around in the VA/DC/MD area, lets talk. I would even consider a long block if the price is right. The sooner the better as the car needs to be back on the road ASAP. Thanks guys
1 - 2 of 2 Posts