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Hey, I need urgent help, my dream car a 2006 s350 w221 was running like a dream until about a month ago when it started to go downhill. I got so many engine/transmission errors and its crazy. It came out really expensive to fix and I don't have the money atm ( 3500 JOD or 4936.57 USD). I would like to know which of these problems need to be fixed ASAP and which can wait a while to be fixed as I font have the money atm and I don't want the car to fail on me and then ill have to sell the car Please help me out ASAP. If anybody can tell me what I should get done ( bare minimum ) and what they recommend to be done. Side note IDK what are actually engine and mechanical problems because I have a feeling that the mechanic is trying to get extra money off of me for no reason.


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