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Need to upgrade my alternator!

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I've just purchased a 12" 4000 watt RMS competition subwoofer for my car. Problem is because of the massive amount of power it's putting out, I'll need to upgrade my alternator to feed it.

Is it poissible to modify my existing alternator to put out more power?

Or does someone know of a replacement that would be suitable?

This is the sub if anyone's curious... the almighty STROKER ! :cool:

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There is a guy on eBay selling 150 amp units and I had one made here in Las Vegas that is a 140 amp alternator. Both are around $200 USD. That said, I'd suggest talking to your local alternator rebuilder to see if he can custom make you one. The guy that did mine here in Las Vegas started with a Delco alternator for a Tacoma truck, put a new front housing on it that was pretty close to the MB front housing, a v-belt pulley instead of a serpentine belt pulley, and a single-post regulator in it. It took some minor modification to the adjusting mount plus some 5mm shims on the back of the "mounting bosses", and I have a great alternator.

The guy here in Vegas said he could make me a 200 amp unit but I didn't need that much power.

Mercedes 380 420 500 560 Alternator 150 Amp 85-91 W126: eBay Motors (item 350372757120 end time Nov-05-10 15:50:31 PDT)


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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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