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Try this dealership, they might do it.
And they aren't even far away.

92 Hampton House Rd
Newton, NJ 07860
PH: (973) 383-8300
FX: (973) 300-4999

OR try this indie. deals mostly with older
benz but he might do it.
Not really far away either.

Star Service in Wantage, NJ....
973-875-2228, ask for Karl.


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You may also want to try Millenium MB in Bridgewater. They are about 30 minutes from Hampton, but you should call ahead to confirm whether they will do this for you. I believe that Newton and Wantage are quite a bit farther than 30 minutes.

Hope this helps.

P.S. Are you buying from Hampton Imports? They seem to have a nice selection and their cars seem to move from their inventory fairly quickly. Let me know how it goes.

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I think it was called Highline. I had to pass on the truck though. It was a ML55 AMG. It had been in an accident. After thinking about it, I did not want to even though it was a good deal.
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