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ive been getting a vibration on my steering wheel recently so i rotated my tires front <----> rear. it was still vibrating after this. so what i did to make sure the tires are the problem i changed all my rims(225/40 r18) to my stock rims(225/45 ZR17). #1 the vibration went away and #2 very comfortable ride!

what im going to do now is change my tires on the 18" rims.

so my question is what tires do you recommend? and can i get the same comfort if i get a 225/45 ZR18????? will it even fit? in terms of the fender in turns since 45 will be bigger. if it does work it should be as comfortable like the r17's, right?

what exactly absorbs the bumpiness of the ride? the 45? or the r17?
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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