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'84 300D/ dakota benz trk. Sold... miss it. "88 260E '91 190E 2.6 '89 Volvo 240DL "85 300D
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whilst chasing demons on the wifes 300e i seemed to have broken the little connector that houses the 2 wires that connect to the ICV.
wife returned from driving yesterday and stated that it started having an occasional shuttering etc.
i had noticed the broken connector during assembly and simply stripped the wires back and threaded them through the holes in the metal female connectors. noticed this morning that when engine shutters, i can see a little spark at one of those connections. IE, its not properly connected. do any of you guys have a parts car with that little section of wire i could get? just a few inches of the wire and the connector.
BTW, since fixing the coil issue, and the kickdown cable, that car just flys!!!
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